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Travel can be hard on your health

Are You On The Road To Poor Health Because of Your Travel Schedule?

You put your mindful eating on hold for one vacation, conference, or travel job, and return home feeling miserable! You are bloaty, achy, have gained the weight back, and worst of all bankrupted your self-confidence from beating yourself up over not sticking to your healthy lifestyle! You travel now more than ever, learn how to add health back into your travel schedule.

Get back in the driver’s seat

Healthy Travel Tools Built Exactly For Your Needs

Our healthy travel tools will give you control of your travel experience, prepare you for the trip, and leave you feeling great even after you return home. Know what course to take and how to avoid the pitfalls on your next trip in 4 easy steps:
  1. Roadmap your upcoming trip,
  2. Grab your GF4t travel guide booklet,
  3. Speak with your healthy travel consultant,
  4. & Embark on your next great travel experience!

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What We Can Do For You

Make Health Happen Anywhere You Go!

In order to actually do that, it is so important to have realistic goals, realistic progression, and an expert in healthy travel as your guide!



We have created quick, detailed and comprehensive roadmaps for planning a healthier vacation, a healthier conference, a healthier work-required trip, and a healthier travel lifestyle.

Travel Consultation

Speak to a healthy travel consultant to set, keep, and nail your health goals while on the go. Programs include health coaching in nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness with travel barriers in mind.

Travel Guide Booklet

Learn the basics of healthy travel and healthy mind-setting in our crash-course booklet, perfect to download or print out, throw in your carry-on and read on the go!

Healthy Travel App

Coming Soon!

Download our app now for expertly curated healthy travel times. Discover where health experts stay, eat, exercise and have fun while on the go in cities all over the world!

GF4T Founders


& Breanna

“Travel, Get Fit, & Be Healthy!’

Therese and Breanna have it down when it comes to traveling and keeping your diet and exercise routine on point. They spend a great deal of their time traveling to see what this world has to offer. From learning at conferences to taking selfies at beautiful vacation spots, they never let pitfalls of poor health ruin their great adventures.

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Ladies!! Join us for an entire weekend of self care in the Rockies! Enjoy yoga, meditation, hiking, personal development, gourmet food, and stunning Rocky Mountain views from our retreat house in the foothills of towering Pike’s Peak. Exceptional views of Ute Pass from inside – or lounging anywhere on the 3000 square feet of decks. Trails are a stroll away and just a 10 minute drive from Garden of the Gods. 

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