10 Healthy Snacks To Grab and Go

Have you been finding yourself feeling famished lately?  You know the feeling – like you could eat pretty much anything put in front of you?  Have you caught yourself saying “I’m starving”?  Mindful eating is quite impossible when we get to this level of hunger! Would you trust yourself to do your weekly grocery store shopping at this point?  We all have our moments of extreme hunger (and there is no need to feel guilty).  Mindless eating can, however, lead to unhealthy consequences so it just makes sense to plan healthy snacks that are quick and easy to grab and go when we need a little extra nourishment. Whenever possible, balance your snacks with protein, carbs, and healthy fat to keep you fueled and satisfied until your next meal.  Foods in their natural state with dietary fiber intact will also keep you happy longer.  If you are watching your weight, try to keep your snacks around 200 calories or less.  Plan ahead by setting aside time on your day off to make your list, get to the store, and do any prep-work needed to get your snacks ready for the work week, road trip, or an upcoming vacation!  The following includes some of my favorites and can be easily adjusted with gluten-free, dairy-free options.        

  1. Boiled egg with whole grain crackers
  2. Tortilla chips with black bean salsa 
  3. Fresh fruit with nut butter
  4. Dried Chickpeas
  5. Low-sugar nut bar (protein added)
  6. Edamame
  7. Tuna with whole grain crackers
  8. All fruit bar (protein added)
  9. Trail mix with nuts, dried fruit, and whole grain cereal  
  10. Hummus with veggies and whole grain crackers

Just a little planning will keep you on track with mindful snacking and a healthier you!!