If you love wellness you have probably been to countless workshops, lectures, courses, classes, and other events with a health-nut vibe, but retreats are a whole different beast. Almost nothing can prepare you for the journey you will go through during a retreat. Unlike those other events, retreats are usually very introspective and personal, meaning that they seek less to teach you things and more to let you discover things within yourself naturally. Retreat hosts typically spend the majority of time guiding and facilitating your self-discovery through a combination of activities, down-time, challenges and rest. A retreat with the right tone can be a healing, inspiring, and all-together life changing. If you are curious how a retreat, even as short as a weekend, can be so impactful, here are 4 ways you can expect a GF4T retreat to change your life.

  1. You will learn things about your mind! We facilitate our retreats with deep self-discovery and self-care in mind. You will receive a journal with thought-provoking topics to ponder on your own and also discuss with a group. The group sessions, or sharing circles, are expertly designed to evoke transformative communication within a safe space. You are never required to share your thoughts with the group, but the energy of a sharing circle has been known to pull even the most reserved people into beautiful discussions. We don’t often have the time or capability to meditate or ponder on life’s big questions in our day-to-day lives. That is why retreats are great times to slow down, take a mental inventory, and invest some time into your mental health.
  2. You will learn things about your body! Our retreats feature some sort of physical activity ranging from scuba diving to hiking and many different styles/levels of yoga. Our expert instructors guide you through the planned activities so that you feel supported and capable, but also challenged. Participating in a group activity that is physical allows you to test your limits, understand your barriers, and make new exciting goals all while experiencing it through the shared energy of your new groups. We employ experts in each activity so that you have the benefit of asking questions and getting expert advice that is specific to you.
  3. You will find your tribe! The people that you meet at a retreat are there to learn, expand, and grow just like you. They are there to achieve the same goal as you are, whether that is to travel, see a beautiful new place, master a skill, challenge their perspective, deepen their mental clarity, or just take a well-deserved break. There is something validating and inspiring about converging with new people, even just for a weekend, who are walking the same journey you are. The insight and support you receive from a group like this is like no other experience. And make no mistake, just because these new people are walking the same journey doesn’t mean they are going to be just like you. Expect to find a diversity of thought and background at each retreat that is sure to deepen your experience at every turn. Retreat-goers often make lasting friendships with people they meet, and that totally makes sense to us. After bonding over shared experiences and beautiful scenery, you are sure to keep in touch with people you meet along the way.
  4. You will feel inspired to pay it forward! So often people leave a retreat with such good energy that they can’t wait to tell their friends about it. Some even discover a passion for a new topic or skill that they pursue as a career or side hustle. Who knows, you might challenge yourself in a new skill just to find that you are amazing at it and want to pursue it as a career. Some become crusaders for the retreat they just left telling everyone to go live that experience, and some go on to start their own inspired experience to share with others. GetFit4Travel is a camp of the latter. We have been to retreats and taught at retreats that inspired us so deeply that we can’t help but share it with others.

We would love to share the life-changing experience of a retreat with you. Check our our retreats page for the next up-comming adventure!