According to the polls of several online cruise reviewers, the average weight gain on a 7-day vacation cruise ranges from 5 to 10 pounds. Why do I mention this? How often do people normally eat 3 course meals 2-3 times daily plus high carbohydrate snacks and unlimited coffee or soda all day?  How often do people spend most of their day sitting, without the ability to enjoy regular physical activity?  I am either describing a vacation cruise or a business conference- both of which may lead to unwanted weight gain. Nourishing your body and regular physical activity have been shown to lead to clearer thinking, increased productivity, stress reduction, and improved energy levels. Who wouldn’t want that when you are trying to soak up as much useful information as possible? Just a few healthy changes can prevent the addition of unwanted pounds and assure that you will get the most out of your next business conference.

  1. Eat mindfully. Think about what you will eat before you dive in. Be choosy about your foods instead of eating whatever is put in front of you. Ask yourself – is this nourishing me? Is it worth the carbohydrates or calories? For example, instead of eating that bread and starchy vegetable and dessert, why not choose one high carbohydrate food that you feel will make your meal more enjoyable or ask for fruit for dessert. Make your choices and then ENJOY your meal.
  2. Drink water throughout the day. Pure water will hydrate you and allow your body to function at its best.
  3. Watch intake of high-calorie beverages. These calories will add up quick. For example, each packet of sugar adds 16 calories and each 2 tablespoon serving of cream adds 40 calories. The average modest glass of wine or beer is at least 125-150 calories.
  4. Portions are important. Those packets of butter contain around 70 calories. Why not use half of the packet to reduce empty calories. Also, healthy meat portions are about the size of a deck of cards. Excess protein, just like any excess calorie intake, is turned to fat for storage.
  5. Get physical! Use the stairs instead of the elevator and schedule “walk talks” which are one on one meetings conducted while briskly walking.

Think about your last business conference and start with one goal that resonates with you. Write it down on your agenda or put it in your phone with a reminder alarm. When the goal is achieved, add another one. Step by step, you can accomplish your goals so that your next business conference will increase your bottom line and not your waistline.