The Perfect Recipe:

A dash of nutrition, a sprinkle of activity, and a heap of adventure!

Therese & Breanna

perfectly blend their backgrounds in nutrition and exercise to bring you travel tips, secrets, retreats, and products to keep you feeling great no matter where you go.


Therese Paul, MS,RD,CPC is a Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist, and Professional Life Coach with 25 years experience helping thousands of clients create healthy and rewarding lifestyles. She is the owner of Define Health Wellness Coaching, LLC, where she coaches clients individually and conducts workshops that focus on nourishing the mind and body. She is also an international best-selling author and the host of the popular on demand radio show “Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle.” Through this weekly show, Therese has given thousands of listeners in over twenty countries the tools they need to create a healthy environment in all areas of health including nutrition, fitness, mental focus, and spiritual well-being. Her career began when she was accepted into the highly rated Master’s Degree/Dietetic Internship Program at Case Western Reserve University where she earned her M.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics. Her career journey has taken her across the country and to international destinations exploring healthy cultures and compassionately empowering clients to achieve life-changing results. Therese’s family is her lifeline and she enjoys spending time with her brilliant fiancé, 2 talented children, and extended family. She is also an accomplished singer, scuba diver, and creator of unique healthy cuisine.

Define Health LLC

dr. Breanna Reeser

Breanna is a Health Behavior Change Specialist, certified yoga instructor, and Exercise Physiologist with 10 years of experience helping clients using exercise and habit changes to reduce weight and control their health concerns. She is the owner of Stop Starting Over LLC where she coaches individual clients through personalized health programs and also consults with executive and private groups to improve their coaching results using behavior change theory and tools including Motivational Interviewing and Transtheoretical Modle. She has lectured on improving health coaching success using behavior change theory in universities and conferences internationally, including Chiang Mai University in Thailand, Hanoi Medical University in Vietnam, Arizona State University’s Integrated Behavioral Health Conference, and the International Summit on Social and Behavior Change Communication in Indonesia. She is passionate about connecting the emotional and behavioral aspect with the health choices and behaviors of her clients and values empathy as the most important skill to exhibit. She blows off steam by practicing acro yoga, snowboarding, or listening to true crime podcasts.

Stop Starting Over LLC


Get Fit 4 Travel is organized by Dietitian Therese Paul & Exercise Physiologist Breanna Reeser in their passion for traveling and staying healthy.

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