-Brene Brown

We want to hear your story of inspiration!

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the GF4T INSPIRE US AWARD. We are so excited to offer this opportunity for a community to come together around stories of inspiration and contribute to a retreat experience for someone you know. We have all needed a recharge, and hopefully along the way someone has helped you find that life-rejuvenating inspiration to live your healthiest life.

This is your chance to give back and pay it forward. I know you know someone who has inspired you that could use a little recharge! Here is how you can get involved and contribute to someone else’s health journey:

Can't make it to the retreat? "Nominate!" & "Donate!" to help someone else get there instead.


Choose a person to nominate for the INSPIRE US AWARD. Candidates must be 18 or older and able to attend the Recharge Women’s Retreat on May 3rd-5th, 2018.

INSPIRE US Nomination Form

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Contribute to the INSPIRE US AWARD scholarship fund and make a retreat happen for someone inspirational. All contributions go to the INSPIRE US AWARD scholarship fund that allows us to gift one retreat spot to a truly inspirational person each year. *Donations are non-refundable. Any funds raised above the set retreat fee may be used to award an additional scholarship or may be rolled into the next retreat’s scholarship fund.*

Help Us Reach More People!

Tell your community that GF4T is accepting nominations and scholarship donations today.

The GF4T Retreats and the “Inspire Us” Award are both concepts “inspired” by the many many beautiful and life-changing experiences we have had along our travels in the pursuit of health and happiness. None of which would have been possible without the help and support of great mentors/community members/ and loved ones.