Traveling to a cold weather area may be in your plans this winter. Whether you are planning to hike, participate in a snow sport, or sit by the fireplace, we have a few tips on what to bring. We have traveled, adventured and explored in cold weather and have created this ultimate packing list for you. Here are a few must-have items to make your trip warm and keep you in good health. The most essential items we travel with are strategic to keep us moving without weighing us down. As always, we take a healthy minimalist approach!

If you are flying, here is what you should pack in your carry-on:

  • Light-weight Scarf/Beanie– easy to take on and off as needed and even easier to store.
  • Multivitamin– take a supplement with zinc and vitamin c when you travel to reduce the risk of catching a cold from shared spaces in airports and other crowded areas.
  • Refillable water bottle– bring it in your bag empty and then fill it at a water station after you pass security.
  • Snacks– Save money by bringing your own healthy snacks with you to the airport. We have all been there: delayed flight and a rumbling belly with limited healthy snack options. Save the hassle of pricey junk food by bringing a protein bar, nuts, jerky, or dried fruit. Keep in mind that some airports (especially international) do not permit fresh produce like fruits or vegetables into airlines.
  • Bonus Tip– bring a few of your favorite individually wrapped tea bags for a soothing cup of hot tea on any airline. Just ask for hot water and steep right at your seat.

If you are outdoors enjoying the crisp air, make sure to pack these things:

  • Spare Change- lots of lodges have lockers for you to store extras while you play in the snow. Keep your snacks, essentials, and valuables safe in a locker, but make sure you bring a little cash to pay for it
  • Layers- a lightweight jacket under your winter coat worked well for when you get moving and warmed up. A thin beanie or scarf is another easily removed clothing item that will keep you toasty when you need it and fits into a jacket pocket when you don’t.
  • Sunscreen/Chapstick/moisturizer- cold weather and wind can be harsh on the skin, not to mention the danger of sun rays bouncing off that gleaming snow! Protect your skin with these essential and remember to reapply halfway through the day when necessary.
  • Snacks- again, saving money and be in control of your choices by bringing your own food whenever possible. Healthy snacks for being active in cold weather include trail mix (salted nuts, dried fruit, whole grain cereal, and a few chocolate chips) or healthy yogurt tubes and salted mixed nuts. For great nut-free options, try natural jerky cut into bite-sized pieces with dried fruit or lean meat/cheese chunks with whole grain crackers. Don’t rely on your appetite which is often decreased in the cold. Have a healthy snack or light meal every 2-3 hours.
  • Aspirin– if you are not used to the elevation, you may feel lethargic, develop a headache, or feel short of breath. Taking a baby aspirin preventatively may help ward off the effects of altitude sickness by keeping your blood a little thinner and reducing headaches. (Of course, check with your doctor on any new medications before using them.)
  • Lots and LOTS of water– Hydration is just as important in cold weather as it is in hot weather. Sometimes we forget when it is cold that we are losing water in our breath. We may not feel as thirsty, but we are still in danger of dehydration, especially if you are sweating under those layers. Make sure to bring a refillable water bottle with you, or better yet, maybe even a camel pack to sip on through your trip. Drink a glass of water after any alcoholic or caffeinated drink and monitor your output for signs of dehydration. Dehydration can decrease your ability to enjoy your favorite activities and increase your risk of catching a cold, so drink up! Find out more about how we stay hydrated on our facebook video HERE

Nothing beats the view from the top of a mountain, except maybe the view from the top of a snowy mountain. Something is refreshing about taking it all in from the ski lift that we cannot get enough of. If you are in need of some refreshing eye candy, see more stunning pictures of our trip to Loveland, Colorado on our Facebook page HERE